Restless and bored, she experiences the wild excitement and danger of being someone else for a night. FEATURED BY STICKS & STONES AGENCY & ADOLESCENT C... View

Falling Away

We played pop songs while Nina floated in her bathtub, surrounded by dried lavender, rose, and calendula. Model: Nina @lilariehell_1620 ... View

A Glass Box

This set was taken in a little window display of our favorite antique store in Downtown Augusta (Lauren hummed Disney musicals the entire time). Model: Lauren ... View

Out of Touch

I drove to Athens to celebrate Macie's graduation - we explored her favorite spots in the city and drank too much coffee. Model: Macie ... View

In Nature

We spent a day in Athens walking through abandoned buildings, searching for pretty textures and colors. Model: Mikalyn @mikalynrush ... View