The Girls Who Dream

Early on a Saturday morning, I was greeted by Shelby’s dogs, Nanook & Luna, as she brought out piles of thrifted floral robes and white lingerie. Cayce was crouched over an old mirror on the old wood floor, finishing her makeup. The whole day was a blur of wrangling pups and experimenting with different ideas – slowly letting go of control or worry. We moved with the light from room-to-room while 80s new wave songs played in the background.

Once we got to the bedroom, it felt natural for Cayce & Shelby to be close – cuddling under Shelby’s grandmother’s lamp or primping by an old vanity. We listened to The Virgin Suicides soundtrack as they jumped on the bed. We laughed like we were teenagers again – for a couple of hours, we didn’t have any responsibilities or self-doubt. We finished shooting on the porch, while Shelby smoked one of her boyfriend’s cigarettes.

At the end of the day, this shoot was a refreshing celebration of their individual confidence and the bond that they share.

Models: Gale & Shelby

woman in bra under vintage orange lamp

women in vintage mirror wearing white lingerie

girl under lamp

girl twirling in kimono