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For our NYE 2017 trip, we chose COLORADO. We stayed in a buy Lyrica online overnight located in the cute neighborhood of Louisville, CO. We were able to walk to some amazing bunch spots and (after a cold day of hiking), we all looked forward to coming back to a hot bath + Netflix.

Hiking at Garden of the Gods was obviously the highlight of the trip. The colors and views were ridiculous and the weather was perfect. But driving our rental car through the snowy mountains to Vail was STUNNING. Although I got hit with altitude sickness especially hard that day, I really loved snow tubing and exploring the town.

Walking Pearl Street at night was also really beautiful with the mountains in the distance.

We also spent a day in Denver – browsing the Museum of Contemporary Art & Union Station.

BUT the food is always one of my favorite parts of a trip – so here’s the best of the best:


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