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Christy Flaherty (aka XINELAINE) has appreciated the feminine form through her camera lens for years.

Her photographic work examines themes of femininity, sexuality, mystery, and power. Self taught, her journey began with self portraiture as a means of exploration and empowerment. Christy has since shared that experience with many other women through experimental and cinematic portrait sessions.

She is inspired by sunlight and shadow, film, soundtracks, and capturing moments in time that would otherwise be forgotten.

Press & Interviews
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2019. Girl Gaze // Portrait Collection
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2019. Classics Magazine // Portrait Collection
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Awards & Recognition
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Previous and Upcoming Exhibitions
2019. FEMME FATALE // Solo Exhibition
2017. Wolf & Finch // Group Exhibition

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Classics Magazine, Field Botanicals, Ookioh, Classic Rock Couture, Darling Distraction, Rainbow OPTX, The Daisy Hoard, Boodwah, Seeker Intimates, Beej

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