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Restless and bored, she experiences the wild excitement and danger of being someone else for a night. FEATURED BY STICKS & STONES AGENCY & ADOLESCENT C... View

Falling Away

We played pop songs while Nina floated in her bathtub, surrounded by dried lavender, rose, and calendula. Model: Nina @lilariehell_1620 ... View

A Glass Box

This set was taken in a little window display of our favorite antique store in Downtown Augusta (Lauren hummed Disney musicals the entire time). Model: Lauren ... View

Out of Touch

I drove to Athens to celebrate Macie's graduation - we explored her favorite spots in the city and drank too much coffee. Model: Macie ... View

Eurotrip – Munich

On our last day in Germany, we got lost and spent half the day on foot exploring little corners of the city we otherwise wouldn't have found. We made friends wi... View

Eurotrip – Budapest

Hungary was the 4th country we visited. The weather was warm and the architecture was stunning. We walked the city every day and rewarded ourselves with bagels ... View

In Nature

We spent a day in Athens walking through abandoned buildings, searching for pretty textures and colors. Model: Mikalyn @mikalynrush ... View